Looking back at May 2011 in Madrid (Moments of Revolution )

Plateia Molaon

by Sam Cossar-Gilbert on May 20, 2012

Post image for Moments of revolution: looking back at May 2011 in MadridThis collection of photos and short stories recounts the historic events that took place in Puerta del Sol at the start of its occupation one year ago.Original photography by Samuel Cossar-Gilbert

This is a collection of ten stories and photos from the first few weeks of the occupation of Puerta de Sol in May 2011.  During those days, Madrid’s central square became a kind of liberated zone, where creative freedom flourished, where everything was free, where direct democracy was practiced and where we created our dreams together.

One year on, we reflect on those days — not to be nostalgic, but to remind ourselves that another word is possible. This project aims to focus on the little moments that caught our breath and made us smile; when we felt the power of collective action and caught a glimpse of utopia. The report…

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