Sophie Reade Topless 2012 Calendar Full Photos

Sophie Reade Topless 2012 Calendar Full Photos

Sophie Reade Topless 2012 Calendar Full Photos

Here is Sophie Reade once again posing topless this time around for her official 2012 calendar. Well, these are not scans of the calendar but rather the actual raw photos. Somehow someone got their hands on the jackpot… And that is good because we get to see this British big boob goddess in great detail with these higher quality images. Anyway, Sophie Reade has that awesome skinny girl with big boobs look so if you are a heterosexual male I am sure you will like this set of photos. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Sophie Reade Christmas shoot 2009 απόglamourtorial
Sophie Reade Striptease από glamourtorial




Sophie Victoria Reade (born May 18, 1989 in Nantwich, Cheshire, England) is a glamour model and was the winner of the series Big Brother UK. She changed her name by deed poll to Dogface in order to become a housemate. On Day 33, Big Brother told Dogface that she had to remain silent until 2 a.m. as punishment for discussing nominations. She failed to keep quiet and therefore faced the public vote. Dogface had a romantic relationship with Kris in the House. On Day 39, she and Siavash were punished for talking about nominations by Big Brother who told them they were not allowed to swear before 3 pm They both failed and faced eviction. On Day 72 as a special prize, Halfwit and Dogface legally changed their names back to Freddie and Sophie. Since Day 88, Sophie was the bookies’ favourite to win.

Sophie was announced the winner of the show on the 4 September with 74.4% of the final
Sophie Reade (2) από Samib2503
Sophie Reade – Big Brother – Hotpants από buckfast666
Sophie_Reade_Topless_Video_3 από guitotv
Sophie Reade (4) από Samib2503
Sophie Reade – Nuts at Home από Samib2503
Sophie Reade & Sophie Howard – NUTS από SlashIII94
Sophie Reade-Photoshoot July από BabeMedia


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