The 28 Hottest Girlwatching Stories of 2011

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Ιανουαρίου 1, 2012 από balkan357

Posted 12/29/2011 at 3:47 pm by 
Sofia Vergara
It was yet another good year to be scoping out sexy women in the internet. Of the 6,000 (approx.) posts we put up in these last 365 days, here are our picks for the best of the best:
Kim Kardashian
Lacey Banghard, the sweet English flower with the smutty porno name, won Page 3 Idol:
Lacey Banghard
Internet phenoms Jordan Carver, Mina Stefan, and Wendy Fiore got off the Internet and into a (sorta bad) music video:
Jordan Carver Mina Stefan Wendy Fiore
State Farm T Mobile girls
Shay the UK Bombshell renamed herself Shay Bombshell. Repeat: Now Shay Bombshell:
Shay Bombshell
Suelyn Medeiros was judged hotter than Bar Refaeli in a poll at TMZ:
Suelyn Medeiros
Kate Upton emerged as the alpha-babe among Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue models:
Kate Upton
Saori Hara starred in what was called the first 3-D porno. Although it almost certainly isn’t — but why be a stickler?:
Saori Hara
Leola Bell was plucked from 18th place in the Playboy Miss Social contest; she is now Miss February 2012:
Leola Bell
Candace Smith
The New St. Pauli Girl was revealed – Jennifer England:
Jennifer England
Denise Milani
The royal wedding was criticized for showing too much ass, which we didn’t expect:
Pippa Middleton
Alyssa Campanella won Miss USA. Though it was later revealed that she is not a natural redhead:
Alyssa Campanella
Rosie Jones posted the sexiest twitter picture ever:
Rosie Jones
We changed Vanessa Veasley’s ass into two fully operational battle statons. Common reader reaction — WTF:
Vanesa Veasley
Mina Stefan
Leila Lopes of Angola was named Miss Universe. Though it was later revealed that she is not a natural redhead:
Leila Lopes
Sofia Vergara didn’t win an Emmy. Or Miss USA or Miss Universe. But she won everything else as far as we’re concerned:
Sofia Vergara
George Clooney dumped Elisabetta Canalis. Then “Dancing with the Stars” gave her the boot. Jesus, people, have a heart, she’s totally hot:
Elsabetta Canalis
Holly Madison insured her breasts for a million bucks:
Holly Madison
Lindsay Lohan looked surprisingly hot in a seires of candid pictures taken by Terry Richardson in Paris, foreshadowing her (we’ll be honest) surprisingly triumphant Playboy pictorial:
Lindsay Lohan
Lake Bell started getting naked on “How To Make It In America.” And then HBO canceled the show. Those fuckers:
Lake Bell
The viral video clip of the year was a short film about a model who busts out of he shirt in a drift car:
Carrie Keagan and her comedy boobs became relevant again. Well, not that boobs are ever irrelevant:
Carrie Keagan
Kelly Brook
Sunny Leone
Sophie Howard announced her retirement. :-(
Sophie Howard


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